What is a LifeGroup?

A gathering of people that meet regularly with a common interest, call, or passion. They help the church and people build community and grow in their faith. 

LifeGroup Purpose

To promote healthy relationships, spiritual growth, and engage in meaningful service and ministry. LifeGroups consist one or more of the following components: Fellowship, Worship, Bible Study, Prayer

Why LifeGroups?

  1. Real life, positive change and meaningful growth happen in the context of healthy relationships.
  2. Our culture devalues the importance of personal relationships, but Scripture affirms and elevates the importance of personal relationships.
  3. At LifeHouse, we believe our church must grow larger and smaller at the same time.
  4. Therefore, LifeHouse is a church of  LifeGroups rather than a church with LifeGroups.



When we share the gospel with one another in close-knit community, there is spiritual growth that changes us individually and as a whole. That change causes us to position for an outward focus and encourage life changing transformation in the communities outside the church walls.

There is something powerfully unique about an intimate gathering around a living room, a small classroom, or a dining room table that challenges us to think differently than when we are in a big room for worship. Life groups, in fact, are where much of the theology taught in our pulpits begins to be fleshed out in conversation and action. We at LifeHouse are a church on a mission to engage, equip, and encourage every believer to participate in a Life Group. It is one of the most effective and fruitful ways to grow!

Here are some of the reasons why we believe Life Groups are important: 

  1. We help each other grow deeper in our Christian faith. Everyone has their own special gifts and talents, and it’s awesome to see God work through our group and to see each individual’s gifts come out the more we get to know each other.
  2. We are making lifelong friends. Not many friends have a standing weekly appointment to get together. It’s like a Bible study/scheduled get-together with people who will help me become a better person. Who doesn’t want that?
  3. It’s what Jesus and the early church did. Jesus had his 12 disciples with him always. Yes, he took time to help other individuals, and also preached to the masses, but ultimately he had a core group that he was always with. They were each other’s strength in time of need and leaned on each other.