Church Leadership Team

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Pastor Saul and Linda Gonzalez

Saul and Linda Gonzalez

Lead Pastors

Leadership Team

Pastor Paco Contreras - Administration
Pastor Andrew Perez - Ministry Support, LifeGroups
Zeek Pardo - Weekend Services
Citlali Perez, Linda Gonzalez, Mari Cantu - LifeHouse Kids
Lorena Borrero - Youth
Tony Fuentes & Angie Fierro - Worship
Liz Vazquez - Next Steps/Baptisms
Pastor Candy Juarez - Missions
Pastor Dave Kadel - Outreach and Evangelism


Pastors John & Dolores Pimienta -  First Impressions and Altar
Pastor Max and Julia Turner - Pastoral Care
Pastor Esteban Henriquez - Couples (Spanish)
Pastor Rocio Herrera - Women (Spanish)
Pastor Martha Alaniz - Pastoral Care (Spanish)

Office Staff

Fernanda Rodriguez - Receptionist
Eunice Perez - Secretary
Graciela Rodriguez - Treasurer